Jewish Heritage Trips from Warsaw

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Lodz – it is the third largest city in Poland. Its multicultural history in the nineteenth century created Poles, Jews, Germans and Russians. Thus, today we can admire more than 200 palaces, marvel at the Orthodox churches, watch the magnificent churches of the Evangelical-Lutheran and Catholic, or discover Jewish heritage.
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To the death camp in Sobibor were directed transports mainly from Lublin Region, France and Netherlands. Killed more than 250.000 Jews here. In 1943, in the camp an uprising broke out under the leadership of the Russian Jew, the Red Army lieutenant – Alexander Pechersky.
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On this trip we will see the world that no longer exists. Small Jewish, sleepy town with a beautiful Synagogue – the second largest in Poland. It is preserved and restored like yesterday would be there prayers. At the end we will visit place of the Holocaust – the Treblinka death camp (second after Auschwitz in terms of killed people).