Jewish Heritage Trips from Warsaw

From 1750 EUR
Auschwitz Birkenau. Belzec. Krakow. Lezajsk. Lancut. Lodz. Lublin. Majdanek. Treblinka. Tykocin.
From 400 EUR
Discover the most beautiful and the most important places of the eastern Poland. Royal Castle in Lublin.To this day, there is preserved residential-defensive tower from the 13th century and Byzantine-Russian frescoes from the 15th century in the Gothic church. And also Kazimierz Dolny with 3.000 inhabitants and 3.000 visitors each day.
From 450 EUR
We invite you to visit the two most important places in Poland. The medieval capital of Poland – Kraków, and the largest extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau.
From 300 EUR
Lezajsk – Yahrzeit of Tzadik Elimelech of Lizhensk changes a small Polish town into the Hasidic center of the world. Over a dozen thousand Jews come here to stay for several days.
From 195 EUR
Lodz – it is the third largest city in Poland. Its multicultural history in the nineteenth century created Poles, Jews, Germans and Russians. Thus, today we can admire more than 200 palaces, marvel at the Orthodox churches, watch the magnificent churches of the Evangelical-Lutheran and Catholic, or discover Jewish heritage.
From 350 EUR
Lublin is located on the border of Eastern and Western cultures on the ancient trade route. From the early Middle Ages, lived here Jews, Russians and others.
From 345 EUR
To the death camp in Sobibor were directed transports mainly from Lublin Region, France and Netherlands. Killed more than 250.000 Jews here. In 1943, in the camp an uprising broke out under the leadership of the Russian Jew, the Red Army lieutenant – Alexander Pechersky.
From 370 EUR
Three places. Jedwabne – where Polish neighbors in a rural barn burned more than three hundred of their Jewish neighbors. Tykocin – where in the pogrom made by the Germans were killed by Poles and Germans over 2.000 Jews. Treblinka – where in the chambers died more than 800.000 Jews.
From 330 EUR
On this trip we will see the world that no longer exists. Small Jewish, sleepy town with a beautiful Synagogue – the second largest in Poland. It is preserved and restored like yesterday would be there prayers. At the end we will visit place of the Holocaust – the Treblinka death camp (second after Auschwitz in terms of killed people).
From 240 EUR
Tykocin is a small town situated on the bank of the river Narew. Before war population there was close to 4,000 persons, of which 2,000 were Jews. The city was famous for its great scholars – experts in the Torah, as well as the great merchants and entrepreneurs.
From 120 EUR
We invite you to explore the lost city. In 1939, were 360.000 Jews here… now a Jewish community has less 500 people. We will visit the most important places starting from the Synagogue and the Jewish cemetery to the ghetto wall and Umschlagplatz monument.