Zelazowa Wola. Manor house.
Zelazowa Wola. Manor house.
Portrait of a mother of Frederic Chopin.
Portrait of a mother of Frederic Chopin.
Portrait of a father of Frederic Chopin.
Portrait of a father of Frederic Chopin.
Zelazowa Wola. Chopin Monument.
Zelazowa Wola. Chopin Monument.
Brochow. The parish church of the Chopin family.
Brochow. The parish church of the Chopin family.

Zelazowa Wola Tour - The Birthplace of Chopin

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Zelazowa Wola.

Manor house from the early nineteenth century, where Frederic Chopin was born.


His family lived permanently in the left side of the mansion, the remaining part of the building was occupied by a family of Count Skarbek – in which Chopin’s parents worked.


Probably the living conditions were very heavy.

In the Chopin family rooms was not even wood floors, just a hard earthen floor.


The owner of the property had so lavish lifestyle that soon gave up all his belongings and fled from creditors to Paris, leaving his wife with children in Poland.


Concerned about the future, Chopin family moved to Warsaw.


Manor house in Zelazowa Wola slowly deteriorated and for over 100 years in chambers pickled cabbage, kept pigs and chickens, until 1928, when the manor bought Chopin Committee and adapted inside a museum of the composer.

Today’s reconstruction of the house and the surrounding manor is a vision and imagination on the Polish manor house of the nineteenth century.

Portrait of a mother of Frederic Chopin. Tekla Justyna Krzyzanowska.

Poor noblewoman from youth took care of Skarbek family home, where she met her husband, French tutor.


Tekla Justyna played piano and sang, while her husband played violin and flute.


According to biographers, she was cordial, warm and attentive. She epitomized modesty and gentleness.

Her favorite melody was song about Laura and Philo - lovers who meet secretly at night.


The melody went through the development of Frederic Chopin in the form of Fantasy in A major, Op. 13 for piano and orchestra.

Portrait of a father of Frederic Chopin. Nicolas Chopin.

He grew up in a poor family of French peasants in Lorraine.


The owner of nearby assets - Pole, educated him, and took to Poland.
Nicolas began working as a tutor and teacher of the French language.


At that time, Europe was flooded by aristocrats fleeing from revolutionary France and in most Polish homes fashionable was having your own aristocrat.


Since Nicolas was not a well-born - the fact that he worked as the tutor in rich families reflects well on his education and refinement.

Professor Nicolas Chopin was preserved in the memory of his pupils as a man of strict moral principles but fair and diligent. He enjoyed great respect among Warsaw elite. His reputation grew thanks to the talent of his son.


Nicolas remember what effort parents put in his upbringing, and that this was associated with separation. That's way he adopted a similar principle to Frederick.


He tried very to win a government scholarship for his study music in France.

He carefully organized trip. He constantly corresponded with his son by giving him not only advice, but also helping materially.


The marriage of Tekla Justyna and Nicolas Chopin was sustained and successful. They happily lived together for 38 years.

Zelazowa Wola. Chopin Monument.

In Warsaw - in Lazienki Park, in 76 acres is only one monument of Chopin.

However, in the park in Zelazowa Wola in 4 acres located 5 Chopin monuments.


This means that approximately every 80 meters we trip over the obelisk.
From the oldest (nineteenth century), founded by in love with the music of Chopin - a Russian, also a pianist.


And then you have to watch out for sandstone bust of the composer put on the occasion of 119 anniversary of his death.

Acknowledging the 120 anniversary of his death is as important as the 119 - erected another monument of bronze.


After several years Germans reminded about the museum. During the war, they stole all exhibits, paintings and piano - but instead of that, they founded in 1984 a bronze bust.


A few years later, in another impulse of lofty feelings - the inhabitants of Munich, gave the museum a wooden image of Chopin.


This wooden statue was used to perform the proper monument cast in bronze in Germany.


Typically, after created by the cast, wooden original is destroyed.
This time Zelazowa Wola was endowed by it.

Brochow. The parish church of the Chopin family.

Took place here the three important events for them.


First, the composer's parents wedding - Nicolas with Tekla Justyna.
Then the baptism of Frederick, and finally, much later, marriage of the composer's sister.


The original parish registers with entries certifying these events are preserved to this day.


The church erected from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century - is a rare example of a defensive sacred building.

It was designed by Italian architect (responsible for the Barbican in Warsaw), looks like Italian churches, because of typical for them deployment of towers. At one end of the building there are two towers, and on the opposite end is only one. In Poland, such a solution is rare.


About defense function of the church remind shooting windows in the walls and placed inside the building fireplaces for cooking food for the crew in case of siege.

Highlights of Zelazowa Wola day trip from Warsaw.

  • Sightseeing of Chopin Museum of in Zelazowa Wola.
  • Sightseeing of church in Brochow.
  • All tickets and fees included in the price (museum, tour guides, parking, fuel, VAT).
  • Transportation from anywhere in Warsaw directly to all locations on the tour route in the same car.
  • Sightseeing of Chopin Museum of in Żelazowa Wola.
  • Sightseeing of church in Brochow.
  • All tickets and fees included in the price (museum, tour guides, parking, fuel, VAT).
  • Transportation from anywhere in Warsaw directly to all locations on the tour route in the same car.

Day trip from Warsaw to Zelazowa Wola. Trip description.

  • Your journey by comfortable car (1-4 persons: Mercedes E or VW Passat B8; 4-6 persons: Mercedes Viano or VW Multivan; 7-20 persons: Mercedes Sprinter) will start from anywhere in Warsaw, at time which you will choose. After about an hour you come to the Chopin Museum in Zelazowa Wola. Upon arrival to the museum, you will have while individual tour 1 hour. Then our guide-driver takes you to the church in Brochow. 
  • After completion of  Zelazowa Wola Tour, our qualified guide-driver takes you to any place in Warsaw.

Day trip from Warsaw to Zelazowa Wola. Itinerary of the Tour.

  1. Transit Warsaw - Zelazowa Wola.
  2. Zelazowa Wola. Chopin Museum in Zelazowa Wola. Chopin Museum - individual sightseeing of exposition . Time 1 hour
  3. Transit Zelazowa Wola - Brochow.
  4. Church in Brochow - individual sightseeing of the church.
  5. Transit Brochow - Warsaw.

Day trip from Warsaw to Zelazowa Wola. Practical information.

Total Price for private tour with english speaking driver:


  • 140-EUR per person. Total for 1 person 140-EUR.
  • 73-EUR per person. Total for 2 persons 145-EUR.
  • 50-EUR per person. Total for 3 persons 150-EUR.
  • 40-EUR per person. Total for 4 persons 160-EUR (sedan car).
  • 55-EUR per person. Total for 4 persons 220-EUR (Van car).
  • 45-EUR per person. Total for 5 persons 225-EUR.
  • 38-EUR per person. Total for 6 persons 230-EUR
  • If you want to reserve a trip for a larger number of people, email us.


All tickets and fees included in the price.


The total duration of the tour: 4 hours.

Distance between Warsaw and Zelazowa Wola is 50 km / 31 miles.

Distance between Zelazowa Wola and Brochow is 12 km / 7 miles.

Approximate driving time one way: 1 hour.


Time of  Zelazowa Wola Tour may vary slightly due to the situation on the road or random events which are out of Organizer's control.

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Żelazowa Wola village is located at a distance of more than 50 km from Warsaw. Here, in 1810, Frédéric Chopin came into the world. Chopinetto - as called him in Paris. Monsieur Pichon - as Frédéric called himself. George Sand called him Chop. Heine called him Rafael of piano. Liszt or Berlioz said simply: Genius!


Front of us is the one most beautiful landscapes of the eighteenth century Poland. Idyllic and noble. Breathtaking views are waiting for us in the Arkadia-Nieborow Park. One of the most beautiful 18th century aristocratic gardens.