Torun - The Teutonic Castle.

Torun Tour - The City of Copernicus.

From 50 EUR / 56 USD per person 

Torun - The Copernicus monument .

As for the fact that Nicolaus Copernicus was born in Torun, everyone agrees. However, doubts begin regarding the address of his home.

One of the hypotheses indicates the house at St. Anna street, where we will see a museum dedicated to the famous astronomer. The second hypothesis negates the first one and as the real place of the birthplace announces the address Old Town Square (Rynek Staromiejski) 36. Also the third address of birth exists, but only Napoleon was brought there... We will try to see all three places to be absolutely sure of finding the right one.

The Copernicus monument from 1853 presents a man in a professor's gown with an astronomical device. The Latin inscription on the plinth says: "Nicolaus Copernicus, the inhabitant of Torun. He moved the Earth and stopped the Sun and the Sky".

An intriguing detail of the monument - discovered only in 2003 - is the fact that the sculptor placed a mustache on his face! Prussian standard of male beauty...

Another sensation is the confirmation of the authenticity of the skeleton found in Frombork with the genetic code of the astronomer. In 2008, hair found in a book belonging to the astronomer was compared. The book was looted during the Swedish Deluge in the XVII century and is now located in Uppsala (Sweden)...

Torun - The Leaning Tower (Curve Tower).

The Leaning Tower in Torun - was built in the XIV century as an element of a defensive wall. A 15-meter building bent over the sandy ground until a stable ground was found.

According to legend, the tower was built by a brother of the Teutonic Order and the deviation from the vertical position was proportional to his deviation from the clause of chastity and sexual abstinence... 

Today, no one measures the degree of our deviations - because the tower would inevitably have to fall down.

We can instead check the purity of our conscience. If, after resting the back and the heels against the tower wall, we stretch our hands out and we will not fall on our faces - it means that our hearts are clean.

I assure you that few will pass this test.

It's better to skip this point of the trip...

Highlights of Torun Tour from Warsaw.

Can you go to Torun from Warsaw ?

  • Visiting Torun with a licensed guide.
  • Sightseeing in 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish).
  • All tickets and fees included in the price (museum, tour guides, parking, fuel).
  • Transportation from anywhere in Warsaw directly to all locations on the tour route in the same car.
One Day in Poland. A sedan car.

Private sedan car at your disposal, perfect for three.

Capacity: 1 - 4 passengers. 

One Day in Poland. A Van car.

Private minivan car at your disposal, perfect for the groups up to 5th.

Capacity: 1 - 7 passengers. 

One Day in Poland. A Minibus.

Private minibus at your disposal, perfect for the groups up to 19th people.

Capacity: 8 - 19 passengers.

One Day in Poland. A Bus.

Private 49 seater coach at your disposal, perfect for the groups up to 49th people.

Capacity: 49 passengers. 

Torun Tour from Warsaw. Torun Trip description.

What's the best way to see Torun ?

  • Your journey by comfortable car (1-4 persons: Mercedes E or VW Passat B8; 4-6 persons: Mercedes Viano or VW Multivan; 7-20 persons: Mercedes Sprinter) will start from anywhere in Warsaw, at time which you will choose.
  • Upon arrival to Torun licensed guide (6 languages: English, French,  German, Italian, Russian, Spanish) guides you for about three hours private tour.
  • After completion of Torun Tour, our qualified driver takes you to any place in Warsaw.

Torun Trip from Warsaw to Torun. Itinerary of the Tour.

How do I get to Torun ?

1. Transit Warsaw - Torun.

2. Torun - Old Town Square with Town Hall (XIII-XVIII century), Artus Court (XIX century), Monument of Nicolaus Copernicus, Star House (XVII century), Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (XVII century), Post Office (XIX century), Church of St. Spirit (XVIII century), Rafter Fountain, Arch of Caesar, Leaning Tower (XIII-XIV century), Grand Granary (XIV century), Monastery Gate, House of Nicolaus Copernicus, Cathedral of St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist (XII-XV century), Dąmbski Palace (XVII century), Sailing Gate (XIV century), Red Granary, Bridge Gate (XV century), Teutonic Castle (XIII-XV century), New Town Square, Inn Under the Deep-Blue Apron (XV century), Catholic church of St. Jakub, Pharmacy Under the Golden Lion, Municipal Theater, Collegium Maius of the Nicolaus Copernicus University, Planetarium (XIX century), Okrąglak - Detention Center (XIX century), Museum of Gingerbread.

3. Transit Torun - Warsaw.

Torun Tour from Warsaw. Practical information.

Where is Torun ? Is Torun close to Warsaw ?

How much is guided tour of Torun ?

Total price for private guided tour with a licensed educator (6 languages) :


  • Total price for 1 person 290-EUR / 319-USD. 
  • Total price for 2 persons 300-EUR / 330-USD (150-EUR / 165-USD per person).
  • Total price for 3 persons 310-EUR / 341-USD (103-EUR / 114-USD per persons).
  • Total price for 4 persons by a sedan car 340-EUR / 374-USD (85-EUR / 93-USD per persons).
  • Total price for 4 persons by a Van car 440-EUR / 484-USD (110-EUR / 121-USD per persons).
  • Total price for 5 persons 455-EUR / 500-USD (91-EUR / 100-USD per person).
  • Total price for 6 persons 470-EUR / 517-USD ( 78-EUR / 86-USD per person).
  • Total price for 7 persons 485-EUR / 533-USD (69-EUR / 76-USD per person).
  • Total price for 8 persons by Mercedes Sprinter 790-EUR / 869-USD (99-EUR / 109-USD per person).
  • Total price for 9 persons 805-EUR / 885-USD (89-EUR / 98-USD per person).
  • Total price for 10 persons 820-EUR / 902-USD (82-EUR / 92-USD per person).
  • Total price for 11 persons 835-EUR / 918-USD (76-EUR / 83-USD per person).
  • Total price for 12 persons 850-EUR / 935-USD (71-EUR / 78-USD per person).
  • Total price for 13 persons 865-EUR / 951-USD (66-EUR / 73-USD per person).
  • Total price for 14 persons 880-EUR / 968-USD (63-EUR / 69-USD per person).
  • Total price for 15 persons 895-EUR / 984-USD (60-EUR / 66-USD per person).
  • Total price for 16 persons 910-EUR / 1,001-USD (57-EUR / 63-USD per person).
  • Total price for 17 persons 925-EUR / 1,017-USD (54-EUR / 60-USD per person).
  • Total price for 18 persons 950-EUR / 1,045-USD (53-EUR / 58-USD per person).
  • Total price for 19 persons 965-EUR / 1,061-USD (50-EUR / 56-USD per person).

If you want to reserve a trip for a larger number of people, email us.

All tickets and fees included in the price.

How long is tour of Torun ?

The total duration of the tour: 9 hours.

How far is Torun from Warsaw ?

Distance between Warsaw and Torun is 260 km / 161 miles.

How long is the drive from Warsaw to Torun ?

Approximate driving time one way: 2 hours 30 minutes.

Time of  Torun Tour may vary slightly due to the situation on the road or random events which are out of Organizer's control.

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