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Krakow & Wieliczka Tour

Wieliczka. Chapel of St. Kinga in the underground church. More than 100 meters underground constructed from salt the world's largest underground temple. From salt is the main altar of St. Kinga. With salt are floors, chandeliers, reliefs with stories from the New Testament and other figures. According to legend, St. Kinga of Hungary was to marry a Polish prince and she asked his father about the wedding dowry - the salt mine in Hungary. As a sign of ownership, she dropped to a mine shaft in Transylvania her ring. Upon arrival to Poland, not only found salt deposits in Poland in Wieliczka, but also found the same ring. Kinga gave herself over to asceticism, prayer and reading holy books. And on her husband she additionally pressured vows of chastity and continence, which resulted in the fact that the poor husband took up with redoubled energy a development of principality. The pious Princess received from the Church the title of Saint and her husband received from contemporary chroniclers the title - Bolesław V the Chaste.

Wieliczka. Michałowice chamber. In the seventeenth century, in a tiny shaft first dug a vertical deposit of the green salt, to after a hundred years left depleted chamber with height of 35 meters - which is a 10 storey building. To sustain the ceiling, in the nineteenth century built huge pillars and walls reinforced with a mixture of salt and bricks. On these reinforcements, under the ceiling, established a podium for the mining orchestra and the whole is topped by 700 kilogram crystal chandelier.

Wieliczka. Weimar chamber. It is named after the German city of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who, in the eighteenth century, visited the Wieliczka while working on "Faust" (front of the entrance is his monument of salt). The chamber was formed in the usual way for the mine - from the top gained salt, descending lower and lower. After finish the exploitation in the twentieth century, it was filled with brine and built viewing platforms. Theoretically speaking drowning in the lake is impossible, but a few years ago in an adjacent underground Wessel lake drowned on a boat a few drunken men (water depth of 20 centimeters to 100 centimeters). From this time abolished cruises and introduced underground prohibition.

Kraków. Hall Tower and Cloth Hall. Gothic Tower from the fourteenth century is inclined to the vertical by more than 50 centimeters as a result of powerful storms in the eighteenth century and is the only remnant of the town hall destroyed one hundred years later. In the basement of the tower was an inn called by contemporary chroniclers: cave of thieves, basement of swine or den of iniquity. And just behind the wall of the banquet hall, was prison dungeons called "Dorotka", where they tortured accused of the most serious crimes. The bad tradition of the basement continued in the 50's of this century, where in the cafeteria - with always broken ventilation and heating - sat so-called difficult youth who loved to destroy premises.

Kraków. Florian's Gate. A remnant of the medieval city walls. In the thirteenth century, it was one of the eight gates of defense. At the top is located the relief of St. Florian, who with one bucket of water, according to the legend, extinguished the fire of whole village. In the early twentieth century, during 50 years through Florian's Gate passed an electric tram. Because physically he did not fit in the narrow passage, for the duration of the passing, folded electric sticks and tram passed with force of impetus. To this day, can be seen scratch on the ceiling of the gate.


  • Sightseeing of Kraków by electric bus with audio-guide system in 26 languages, or with a licensed guide in 6 languages.

  • Visiting Wieliczka Salt Mine with a licensed guide (7 languages in the standard). 

  • All tickets and fees included in the price (museum, tour guides, parking, fuel, VAT).  
  • Transportation from anywhere in Warsaw directly to all locations on the tour route in the same car.

Description trips

Your journey by comfortable car (1-4 persons: Mercedes E or Volvo S80; 4-6 persons: Mercedes Viano or VW Multivan; 7-15 persons: Mercedes Spinter) will start from anywhere in Warsaw, at time which you will choose.

Upon arrival to Kraków you have the choice of either 1.5 hour tour on the Old Town and other districts of the city by electrical bus with audio-guide system (26 languages -  english, french, german, italian, polish, russian). Then, after visiting Kraków, we are going directly to the Museum of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, where upon arrival to the Museum, licensed guide guides you in a group of a dozen or so for about three hours in the underground of mine. You can choose a standard of 7 languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Polish).

After completion of Cracow & Wieliczka Tour, our qualified driver takes you to any place in Warsaw.


1. Transit Warsaw - Kraków.

2. Cracow. Sightseeing of Kraków (1,5 hour) by electric bus with audio-guide (26 languages). Tour: Church of St. Adalbert, St. Mary's Church. Church of St. Cross, Juliusz Słowacki Theater, Florian's Gate, Barbican, Czartoryski Museum, Cloth Hall, Town Hall Tower, Franciscan Church, Wawel Castle, Piarist Church, Street of St. John, Church of St. John, Collegium Novum, Collegium Maius, Planty Park, remains of the ramparts of Kraków, Kazimierz Town Hall, Wolnica Square, Corpus Christi Church, Temple Synagogue, Old Synagogue, Popper Synagogue, Remuh Synagogue, Isaac Synagogue, New Square, Church of St. Catherine, Skałka, Church of the Holy Trinity, Gestapo Prison, Broad Street, River Vistula, Ghetto at Podgórz, Under the Eagle Pharmacy, Ghetto Heroes Square, History of the Ghetto and its inhabitants, O. Schindler Factory, walls of the Ghetto, Market Square of Podgórze, Church of St. Joseph.

3. Sightseeing of Kraków (1,5 hour) with licensed guide (6 languages).

Tour through the Old Town: Royal Road, Church of St. Florian, Julisz Słowacki Theater, Planty Park, remains of the ramparts of Kraków, Barbican, Florian's Gate and Street, Grodzka Street, Market Square, St. Mary's Church with an altar by Veit Stoss, Cloth Hall and National Gallery of Art, Church of St. Adalbert, Jagiellonian University. 

4. Transit Kraków - Wieliczka.

5. Wieliczka Salt Mine. Visiting the Mine takes place only in groups of about 35 persons. Start of the trip is going down by 380 stairs to a depth of 135 meters below ground (happily, return is already by mining lift).

The tour has 3 kilometers of corridors. On the trail is more than 20 chambers with the famous chapel of St. Kinga (built entirely of salt), Michałowice Chamber, Weimar Chamber. The temperature underground is approx. 15 C / 59 F regardless of temperature on the surface.

6. Transit Wieliczka - Warsaw.

Practical information

The total duration of the tour: 11 hours.

Distance between Warsaw and Cracow is 300 km / 186 miles. 

Distance between Cracow nd Wieliczka is 15 km / 9 miles

Approximate driving time one way: 3 hours 30 minutes.

Time of Kraków-Wieliczka Tour may vary slightly due to the situation on the road or random events which are out of Organizer's control.

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