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Grabarka & Suprasl & Bialystok Tour

Every year, thousands of pilgrims arrive to Grabarka. Each one of them walk on his knees around the church, some one time, some do few laps. The view is amazing. People on the knees move slowly over the stones and gravel. Injured legs they after wash from blood in miraculous spring. Others carry thanksgiving and penance crosses on their back. After the evening church service some people stay in the church and prays together with the clergyman. However, most sitting in the open air, among the crosses. From a direct testimony: "It was hard for us, it was difficult, we wanted sleep, and we went there so lightly dressed, like for parish fair. We sat under the crosses. The whole mountain sang, where everybody sat, a heap of people from every parishes sang. Because of this human singing from their hearts it seemed that you are no longer on the earth, but in the paradise. Somehow we went through the night, and some have already went to the home, and for me there so good, that seems I would never come back to the home."

On Holy Hill still arriving people believing in wonderful properties of water that flows from the local source. Wash, by the soaked with miraculous water piece of material, causes, according to the believers, removal of diseases and leaving them on this material, which is then burned (sometimes this step done nuns), which represents the final burning sources of all symptoms. Many people also take this water into ordinary bottles and canisters, firmly believing in the healing power.

Supraśl. Orthodox Church of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the fifteenth century the Marshal of that time of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania brought monks to the nearby. But after two years, the monks asked for permission to move to a place more quiet and secluded, so as to be able to quietly pray. The brothers received the allow and after several days of prayers they released on the Supraślanka river a wooden cross. They decided that they will establish a monastery and church in the place where the cross will stop. And so the Orthodox church was created in this place.

Supraśl. Supraśl monastery. Unique are sixteenth century frescoes rescued from the demolished and rebuilt the Orthodox church as well as hundreds of icons (the oldest from the eighteenth century). Currently, a major supplier of written images (because icons, according to tradition, are written and not painted) is Białostok Customs - transferring confiscated icons of smugglers - directly to the museum. In this way created the biggest and most interesting collection in Poland.

Białystok. Cathedral Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas. We can find there a revered icons of St. Nicholas, Our Lady of Białystok and the relics of St. Gabriel of Belostok, patron of children and adolescents. Especially interesting is fate of the relics of Gabriel. In the seventeenth century as a six-year-old boy he was murdered. Despite the passage of many years, in his buried body there was no degradation (even after 30 years), and the fire of the church, where the body was made in the eighteenth century, despite the complete destruction of the temple - the body survived. Only partially burnt hand healed itself and re-covered with the skin. In the times of Communism (1930), the Russians moved the relics to the Museum of Atheism in Minsk, where, after many years, despite hiding in extremely adverse conditions - in 1992, they returned intact to the church in Białystok. At present, the body of St. Gabriel rests in a silver coffin in the south wing of the church.


  • Visiting places of worship with a licensed Guide in 2 languages.

  • Individual tour with own Guide. 

  • All tickets and fees included in the price (museum, tour guides, parking, fuel, VAT).
  • Transportation from anywhere in Warsaw directly to all locations on the tour route in the same car.

Description trips

Your journey by comfortable car (1-4 persons: Mercedes E or Volvo S80; 4-6 persons: Mercedes Viano or VW Multivan; 7-15 persons: Mercedes Sprinter) will start from anywhere in Warsaw, at time which you will choose.

Upon arrival to Grabarka we sightsee the Holy Mountain and the Church of the Transfiguration. The next stage is a trip to the monastery in Supraśl and full reflection meditation inside the temple and a visit to the multimedia Museum of Icons (XVII century Palace surrounding the Orthodox church). Then we will go to Białystok to see 3 Orthodox churches: Hagia Sophia (XX century), St. Nicholas (XIX century) and St. Spirit (XX century).

After completion of Grabarka & Supraśl & Białystok Tour, our qualified driver takes you to any place in Warsaw.


1. Transit Warsaw - Grabarka.

2. Grabarka. Holy Mountain (Mountain of Crosses) and Miraculous Spring.

3. Transit Grabarka - Supraśl.

4. Supraśl. Church of Transfiguration. Orthodox Church of Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Museum of Icons.

5. Transit Supraśl - Białystok.

6. Białystok. Church of Hagia Sophia. Orthodox church of St. Nicholas. Orthodox church of St. Spirit.

7. Transit Białystok - Warsaw.

Practical information

The total duration of the tour: 9 hours.

Distance between Warsaw and Grabarka is 160 km / 99 miles. 

Distance between Grabarka and Supraśl is 120 km / 75 miles.

Distance between Supraśl and Białystok is 20 km / 12 miles.

Distance between Białystok and Warsaw is 195 km / 121 miles.

Approximate driving time one way: 3 hours.

Time of Grabarka-Supraśl-Białystok Tour may vary slightly due to the situation on the road or random events which are out of Organizer's control.

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